Greedy Snake

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What is Greedy Snake?

Greedy Snake

Greedy Snake is one of the best new takes on snake games online we've seen recently, a format that has remained a classic in the world of gaming for decades right now, getting a new spurt of life thanks to HTML5 and 3D technologies, even though this is quite a simple version, but with tons of new challenges that are going to be unlike you've seen before in this already big and popular category!

Become the Greedy Snake and keep munching!

Use the WASD keys to move across the platforms with your snake, or slide, if you will, as they have no legs, and use the special on-screen touch controls to do the same if you are playing on a phone or tablet device.

You can also move through the air, but if you make too many moves and lose stability while doing so, your snake will lose all power and fall down, effectively ending the level then and there.

Before you reach the portal at the end of a course, try eating up all the apples and other kinds of fruit and food around, since you are greedy and hungry, and want a big score, right?

Each new level features a more complicated route for you to take, and know that you need to finish all the levels before the time granted for it runs out on you.

Focus, never give up, and become the greediest snake with the fullest of bellies in a puzzle-adventure game like none other before it!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW BUTTONS for moving your snake around.

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