Monstercraft and Balls

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What is Monstercraft and Balls?

Monstercraft and Balls

Welcome to Monstercraft and Balls, yet another puzzle game with logic elements in an arcade format where you have to solve logical quizzes, but made even better by the fact that you find yourself in this pixelated and blocky world we know is loved by kids and adults worldwide, something you will notice right away with this awesome game if you give it a shot right here!

Let's play Monstercraft and Balls online!

The goal you have for each level is to wake up the block monster and to achieve that you need to make sure that the balls fall on top of him since that is its energy source. To achieve that, use the mouse to draw lines along the platforms and rocks, making it so that the balls follow them when they fall.

If they reach the monster and pump it with enough life, the level will be completed, and you then move on to the next one, where you're invited to do the same, only with a set of difficulty a notch higher, meaning that you have to find other solutions, something we are sure you will achieve!

The better you are at solving the puzzles, the more gold you will earn in return. The number of lines you can draw per level is limited, of course, so things are not too easy, but we're sure that kids as smart as you will figure it out, and you can always try again, no stress!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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