Angry Ninja

Angry Ninja

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Angry Ninja
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Angry Ninja Overview


Angry Ninja is a new catapult shooting game online we are happy to share with everyone on our website free of charge, not only because it follows the format of angry birds games, but also makes it even more interesting and unique by adding ninjas into the fold since it is them you will shoot in order to achieve your goals, and we're sure you will have simply the best time possible doing it!

Shoot the Angry Ninja online!

With the mouse you aim and shoot the ninjas from the catapult, having a limited number of them you can use per level, so try knocking down as many targets as possible with one shot, because if you still have enemies standing and no more ninjas to throw, you lose the level.

The fewer moves you make, the more stars you earn per level, from one to three, in addition to the points that you will be awarded. Each world has multiple levels for you to clear, and different kinds of enemies, starting off with the pirates from the first world. Samurais? Soldiers? Monsters?

Who knows what else will you help the ninjas defeat, but we are sure you will really love it nonetheless and have tons of fun from start to finish!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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