Helpful Heroes

Helpful Heroes

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Helpful Heroes
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Helpful Heroes Overview


Spidey And His Amazing Friends plan on being Helpful Heroes, and you are invited to be the same as well right now and here with one of the best new preschool games for children from Disney Junior to have appeared on our website, meaning that it will be the perfect mixture between fun, funny, educational and entertaining all at the same time, as many games in the series have proven it already!

Become Helpful Heroes with Spidey and His Amazing Friends!

After choosing your hero from Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, or Miles Morales, and then go around town helping people with their small problems, but for which even big heroes can help.

We're talking about mowing lawns, finding lost cats, watering plants, and many more. Follow on-screen arrows towards the activities you need to do, and when you're done, the people you've helped spread hearts across the screen.

Collect the stars to increase your experience level and when you fill up the bar at the top, you clear the stage and can move on to another part of the city, where you help people with other problems they might have! Start now, the world needs helpful heroes!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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