Super Dino Fighter

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What is Super Dino Fighter?

Super Dino Fighter

Welcome to Super Dino Fighter, which combines robot-building games with robot fighting games online, so if you love action, assembling pieces together, and just having a great time interacting with technology that is out of your reach, this game brings you all of these experiences into one, and results in tons of fun for you to have, so don't miss out for anything in the world!

Become the best Super Dino Fighter online!

The first step of the game is creating your robot, so you will pick its many skeleton pieces as well as armor, which is in red, placing them on the mannequin where it fits, doing so until all pieces have been put and the robot is done with. You will be timed for this stage, so try to see how fast you can assemble the fighting robot!

Then comes the battle stage, if you choose to enter it, where you fight against various other robot dinosaurs, using the mouse to select the moves you want to make, both offensive and defensive ones, and if you deplete the enemy's health bar, you will become the winner. If it gets done to you first, you lose.

We wish you all the very best, endless fun, and hope you don't stop here, we always have more new games to share with you, today and every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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