Diamond Mermaids

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What is Diamond Mermaids?

Diamond Mermaids

Diamond Mermaids is going to be one of the best dress-up games for girls online that you play today free of charge on our website, where all of us have had tons of fun from start to finish as well, so sharing it with you all was not something we weren't going to do, since we want the girls visiting our website to find simply the best content out there only here!

Pamper up the Diamond Mermaids with makeup and dressing up!

Of course, doing makeup is what you begin with, where you use blush on the cheeks, and lipstick, you can paint the eyebrows, change the eye color with contacts, brush up the lashes and give them some volume, but also paint the eyebrows.

The intermediary stage of the game is dedicated solely to hair, as mermaids are known for it is incredible on them, so pick the hairstyle you like the most out of the many colorful options.

Finally, dress up the mermaid by choosing a top, then pick how her bottom looks, which is actually her fin, and accessorize with all sorts of varied items to give her a unique design. Start now, why not?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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