Mission Mars

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What is Mission Mars?

Mission Mars

Mission Mars is an Old Miniclip flash game that we are now very excited to distribute to our visitors here, who might have never heard about it before otherwise, and we also hope that some of our audience remembers it from the past and will be eager and excited to relive some awesome memories!

Let's accomplish Mission Mars online!

As your flying saucer rides over the city on Mars, you press the spacebar to drop bombs on it, with the goal being to level it to the ground, which is when you can make your landing and take over the planet, which is your ultimate goal and mission. Can you do it?

The more accurate you are with your shots and the more destruction you cause, the more points you are going to earn. Good luck, we wish you simply the best, and hope to see you around for more fun to come here, as always!

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How to play?

Use the spacebar.