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What is Tanks Zone io?

Tanks Zone io

Welcome to Tanks Zone io, a brand new tank shooting game that also has a story to it, which is somewhat unusual when it comes to this format and genre in general, so we would really hope that none of you are going to miss out on playing the game because you would only be missing out on tons of fun that could be had here!

Enter the Tanks Zone io right now!

Use WASD to move around the map, dodging obstacles, and when you encounter enemies, shoot them down using the mouse, you can also use mines to set traps for them by selecting them and where to drop them. If you're hurt, click on the first-aid kid to use it.

You gain experience from shooting down obstacles such as boxes, other kinds too, as well as enemies, and you can use them to become more powerful, which is needed because each new level features more enemies, who also grow stronger, so make sure that you up your skill set and are able to defeat all that stand in your path! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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