Flip n Fry – Frying Simulator

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What is Flip n Fry – Frying Simulator?

Flip n Fry – Frying Simulator

Flip n Fry online represents one of the first and few frying simulator games to have been added into our cooking games category, which is already a fan-favorite one, with this one focusing more on skill elements, as it is your skills with the mouse that will make the difference between some good eggs and some bad ones, and you will see why right now!

Flip n Fry with our new Frying Simulator online for free!

With the mouse you maneuver the frying pan, with which you have to flip eggs, meat, or other kinds of food, with each level giving you a required number of times you need to flip to complete the level.

If you do it right, that is not enough, as you also need to carefully slide the food onto plates to finish the level fully, so dropping it means losing.

Of course, you can't leave the food on the frying pan too much, because if it gets too fried up, you will not get as many experiences points out of that level.

Each new level features a more difficult challenge, but that also means a more fun one at the same time. A ton of fun is guaranteed right now and here, so why not start playing the game?

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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