Angry Farm Crossy Road

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What is Angry Farm Crossy Road?

Angry Farm Crossy Road

Welcome to Angry Farm Crossy Road, which is a cross-the-road game in 3D with a brand new take on the whole genre, which is also inspired by the saying 'Why did the chicken cross the road?', as quite evident from the game's title, image, and gameplay, which we will now explain to you, making the experience of the game easier and more fun!

Play a Crossy Road game at the Angry Farm!

Use the mouse or the arrow keys to move your farmer on the road, with the chicken having escaped the farm, which means that they have laid eggs all around the place, eggs that you should try retrieving. Grab as many eggs from the road as you can to increase your score and finish the level, while also trying not to get hit by the cars in the oncoming traffic, since that will kill you and cause you to lose the game.

Fifty amazing levels, one more difficult than the other, await you for tons of fun to be had, so start with the first one right now, and see for yourself why our games are always top-notch!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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