Monster School Challenge 3

Monster School Challenge 3

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Monster School Challenge 3
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Monster School Challenge 3 Overview


Monster School Challenge 3 is the third chapter of this popular series of Minecraft Games with Noob that our team continues to share with you all here free of charge, as we know without a doubt how much you love them, as they have an arcade format where you can do multiple things, each of them teaching you more about the monsters in this pixel world. Let's experience it!

Monster School Challenge 3 is here, let's have fun with it, as with all the others!

The first lesson that you will have is drawing, not the regular one, but the one where you have to draw a road for the Noob to take over the pits and various other obstacles and dangers, and this is just the beginning.

Each new challenge features a new format that is being taught to you when you begin, so follow the instructions to give your best and have the best time possible with this game.

This way you also learn about the various Minecraft Monsters and how to challenge them in time of need. We wish you the best through all the mini-games, and we hope that you do great at this virtual school just as you do in the real one!

How to play?

Use the keyboard and mouse.

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