Stick vs Monster School

Stick vs Monster School

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Stick vs Monster School
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Stick vs Monster School Overview


Stick vs Monster School is an action-adventure game with platform and shooting elements all into one, where a stickman is being drawn into a blocky world like Minecraft, where there are plenty of cubic monsters out there, including zombies, goats, and even moving heads, all of which you have to take down, something we will now explain how to do!

Help Stick vs Monster School!

Move the stickman using the right and left arrow keys, use up to jump, and the spacebar to shoot with your gun. Shoot down the enemies without letting them touch you or bump into you too many times, because if that happens, and your health bar completely depletes, you lose.

Instead, give your best to take them all down, shooting at TNT when found to make explosions happen, collect all the coins they leave behind, and enter through portals to reach the next levels. For each new level, the enemies are bigger and more in number, but you should use coins to upgrade your stickman and his weapons to get past all of that!

Start now, only here, and make sure not to stop for a minute, since we've got more awesome surprises coming in for the day!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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