Risky Train Crossing

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What is Risky Train Crossing?

Risky Train Crossing

Risky Train Crossing is here to bring you back into the world of skill games with road crossing, a format that has been around the world of gaming for quite a while, but as the years go by, as their number decreases, their quality surely rises, as they become better developed, just as you can see at this moment with this game, whose rules we will explain right now, in case you're a novice!

Risky Train Crossing has never been more fun, try it here!

With the mouse or the arrows if playing on a computer and with the finger if playing on a mobile device, do your best to move around the train tracks, and across the rivers in order to advance as further as possible into the endless map, because the more distance you cross, the more points you gain, of course.

Try collecting coins along the way as well, since you can use them to buy new skins for your avatar. As you progress, the trains move faster, and the routes get more difficult, but the fun you will have also definitely increases. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows or the mouse.

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