Hero Story - Monsters Crossing

Hero Story - Monsters Crossing

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Hero Story - Monsters Crossing
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Hero Story - Monsters Crossing Overview


Welcome to 'Hero Story - Monsters Crossing', an adventure game that is also a skill game all at the same time, one that we fully recommend after having had lots and lots of fun with it ourselves, always a reason behind sharing them with you, and if you missed playing any new bridges games online, well, this one is for you, high-quality and mobile-friendly too, so there should be no excuse not to play it!

Start your Hero Story and pass the Monsters Crossing!

You will tap and hold to extend a bridge, having to make one between each platform, so that you move from one to another, collecting the coins between the pits, and making sure not to fall into them, because if it happens, you lose and have to start again. With the coins you should buy power-ups for your hero, such as:

  • jump
  • second chance
  • accurate eye
  • attack

The sizes of the platforms change, and so does the distance between them, so every new step and bridge you build is a challenge. The monsters also get more aggressive, so get stronger to be able to defeat them properly! Start now, have a blast, and invite your friends to check this out also!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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