Twilight Vs Walking

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What is Twilight Vs Walking?

Twilight Vs Walking

Twilight Vs Walking is a meme game meant to be quite funny that we've just added into our category of My Little Pony Games online, and it makes a lot of sense considering that the animated show itself has always been comedic, so why would games based around it not be as well?

Twilight Vs Walking, who will win this incredible duel?

Twilight Sparkle does not know how to walk in this game, and you're meant to help her with it by walking her through the room or any other kind of place you are in, using the Q, W, O, P, M and R keys, each of them controlling various legs from her body, her head, or torso.

If you can reach the end of the screen without falling, you win, but if you fall to the ground, Twilight has lost the battle against walking, just as you did, and will have to restart. Either way, we're sure you will have plenty of fun from start to finish, just as we did!

How to play?

Use the Q, W, O, P, M and R keys to walk with the little pony.

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