One Line Draw

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What is One Line Draw?

One Line Draw

One Line Draw is a new kind of game that combines puzzle games with drawing games, but also has logic elements all in an arcade package that is made for HTML5, so you can play it on phones and tablets too, not just PCs, and we also highly recommend it for people of all ages, kids and adults alike!

Draw One Line and solve the puzzles!

You will control a block of a certain being, such as the blue owl you start off with, and you need to draw it in one continuous line through the blocks with arrows on it, following the direction of the arrows in order to fill them all up with your color, because only when that happens will you have cleared the level.

In each new level, the route you have to take gets more complicated, and there will also be obstacles that aim to prevent you to draw your line in one go. The backyard is where you go with the coins you've earned through the levels to acquire new animals to draw with and create a virtual home if you wish.

Good luck, and if this was to your liking, keep browsing our home for even more great games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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