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Get10 Plus Overview


Get10 Plus is now here because we know for a fact that puzzle games with numbers are never going to not be tons of fun, and they have also become more popular over the past few years, thanks to the likes of 2048, which was an inspiration for this one too, only this one uses way smaller numbers, but for even more fun!

Merge numbers in Get10 Plus online!

With the mouse, you have to find at least two numbers of the same number and color, which are associated with one another, and when you tap on them, they get merged to form a tile of the next number after them. With this method, you attempt to get to the target number at each level. Seven can be an example of that.

As you keep merging tiles and numbers, you also increase your score, which is an overall score that can be as high as possible, so aim for a big one. At some levels, you will be given other kinds of tasks as well, such as making it so that only one number remains on the screen.

Are you up for all the tasks? We're sure that if you focus and give your best, you will finish all the puzzles, no matter how hard they get, and have fun as only with our numbers-matching games with tiles you can!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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