Absurd Trolley Problems

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Absurd Trolley Problems
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What is Absurd Trolley Problems?

Absurd Trolley Problems

Absurd Trolley Problems takes the original logic question that has puzzled philosophy for ages, and brings along many more interesting questions for you to answer, which we are sure you will enjoy a whole lot, just like we can confidently say of our own time with this brilliant new game!

Let's solve the Absurd Trolley Problems online!

There is a train heading on a track that splits into two and depending on whether you pull the lever to make it change direction or do nothing, it will kill or destroy one set of people or items, or another.

You have to pick the logical choice for you, after which you find out how many people agree and disagree with you, and then advance to the following problem.

This quiz is not about right or wrong, but it is about absurd situations, and interesting ones too, so enjoy it to the fullest, which we are sure you will, and maybe share the game with your friends and find out how they would answer it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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