Into Space 2

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What is Into Space 2?

Into Space 2

Into Space 2 is the much-awaited sequel to the previous spaceship flying game of our website that this sequel was developed upon, and we're sure that you are going to really enjoy it just as much as you did with the original, and even if you have not played that one, you're still going to have tons of fun, we can promise!

Go Into Space once more!

Hold the mouse and drag it to move your spaceship from the ground, into the sky, and then the atmosphere and finally space, trying to reach as farther up as possible, of course. Avoid hitting any objects that appear as obstacles, since they damage the hull, and lightning strikes will damage your engine and you also take damage from them.

Along the way, don't avoid bonuses, since you can use them to earn money, restore fuel, or repair damage. Now that you've understood the premise and the game's simple gameplay, you should be ready to have fun with it right away, as only here is possible, and we hope to see you play even more of these great games, it would be a shame not to, as the day still has more to offer!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.