Merge Block 2048

27.11.2022 552 2 votes

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What is Merge Block 2048?

Merge Block 2048

Merge Block 2048 is an evolved version of the classic puzzle game with numbers and merging, which used to be very popular for a while, and even now, it has spawned a lot of spin-offs and games clearly inspired by it, so we're positive that right now you will be having just an awesome time, as you can always have here!

Let's Merge the Block, 2048-style!

Use the mouse to drag and merge blocks of the same color. If you merge a 2 and a 2, you get a four. New cubes will fall from above, be careful of them. The indicators at the top show you at what speed they are coming for you.

Do not let the screen get filled with blocks, because if that happens, you lose, and what you are aiming for, the ultimate sign of victory in this game, is getting the infinity cube.

Now that you know the rules, nothing should be stopping you from trying out this brilliant new addition to our website's lore, and we're positive that you will be very happy with what you find here, guaranteed!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.