3D Ball Rolling 2

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What is 3D Ball Rolling 2?

3D Ball Rolling 2

Welcome to 3D Ball Rolling 2, a cool new reaction time game made in Scratch which we have found to be simply incredible, and since we've had such a great time playing it, there is no doubt at all in our minds at all that the very same is now going to be true for you too!

Play 3D Ball Rolling 2!

Use the mouse to roll the ball left and right, and click when you want to jump with it, using the red squares on the ground to jump even higher when they appear and make sure always to avoid falling into holes in the ground floor, because when that happens, you lose and need to start all over again from scratch.

React quickly and make sure to always move forward, because the more you advance, the bigger score you get, which means you have had a good performance!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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