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Triep.IO Overview


Triep.IO is here to bring us back into the beloved category of multiplayer io games online on our website, where we will always make sure to bring you new and interesting content, today not being an exception, of course, so we hope to see you start the fun right now after we teach you what to do and how!

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Use WASD to move your orb around the floating space, where there are various other shapes floating around, and aim your target towards them with the mouse, and when it turns red, it means you can hit them, or shoot them, if you will, something that you are going to do using the mouse.

All the figures floating around have health bars, so shoot at them until they deplete, which is how you take them out of commission and in return get points, with the players that amass the biggest number of points will be the winner, simple as that, as there is a leaderboard at the top of which you are trying to get!

Good luck and the very best we wish you all of that, and we hope to see you around for more fun to come, you can never go wrong with our content of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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