Save Your Home

Save Your Home

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Save Your Home
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Save Your Home Overview


Save Your Home is a brand new hypercasual action and strategy game in 3D, with a premise unlike you see every day, elements from drawing games, and war, of course, so sharing it with you all right now and here was something we really wanted to do, but most importantly we want to see you playing it!

Can you Save Your Home?

Waves of attackers will descend upon your home, and with the mouse, you first have to draw defensive walls around it, before them, which is the first line of defense, and you then have to grab your weapon and shoot at them.

If the attackers overcome that and invade your home, destroying it, you lose and have to start the level all over again from scratch. If you survive a wave, you earn money, and you should use it to acquire better defensive equipment, as well as guns, or upgrades that earn you more money.

Each new wave of enemies becomes stronger and bigger than the enemies before, so you also have to become better at shooting them and figuring out strategies to take them down.

Good luck we wish to you all, we hope to see you around more, and you can rest assured that we've got more great games coming for you very soon, which we hope to see you play!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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