Icy Purple Head Super Slide

Icy Purple Head Super Slide

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Icy Purple Head Super Slide
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Icy Purple Head Super Slide Overview


Icy Purple Head Super Slide is a brand new platform-adventure game with puzzle and skill elements all in it, an experience we would highly recommend to each and every one of you, especially if you had played other Icy Purple Head Games online on our website, which we also recommend, as the whole series is really great!

Let's Super Slide with Icy Purple Head!

To make the purple head turn icy and use that to slide around, tap and hold the left mouse button if playing on a computer, or hold the finger on the screen if you're playing on a phone or tablet.

Use this method to slide ahead through each level, with there being a total of thirty ones, but between them there are no pauses, as they are one after another, only delimited by flags meant as checkpoints.

Use platforms, bursts of air, and anything else that can help you to advance, while making sure to avoid traps and obstacles, such as the energy beams that will light you up with electricity and take you back to the previous checkpoint.

There will also be portals that will teleport you from one spot to another. No matter how many times you need to try to advance forward, we're sure you can do it, and we're positive you will have tons of fun from start to finish!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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