Snake Island 3D

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What is Snake Island 3D?

Snake Island 3D

Snake Island 3D is a snake game online made hypercasual-style, and made with the latest technologies in gaming, made even better by the fact that it is playable in 3D, so you've got plenty of reasons to try it out right now, even if this format would not have necessarily been your first addition!

Play Snake Island 3D online unblocked!

With the mouse or finger, you move your snake on the island, where you need to eat fruits to grow bigger, and thus earn more points and coins, while avoiding touching the bodies of other snakes, because in that case you lose and need to start again. You also lose if you get too big and touch yourself.

Before the time of each level runs out, try to outgrow the other snakes and be the first one at the top, simple as that. Can you do it? Surely, so let's begin right now, and don't forget to use the coins you earn to buy all sorts of new skins for your snake and keep things fresh, just like the fruit you will eat!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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