Laser Tag Battle

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Laser Tag Battle
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What is Laser Tag Battle?

Laser Tag Battle

Laser Tag Battle is one of the best new Ben 10 Games online we are very happy to bring you on our website free of charge right now since we know that visitors of ours are always in need of more such awesome games, especially since this series has not had any new content in a while, so bringing along something new was very important for us!

Win the Laser Tag Battle with Ben 10!

At the laser tag place, use the mouse or finger to click on the aliens that appear out of nowhere in random places, and when you do that, you earn points, as you should focus to get a score as big as possible before the time granted for the game runs out on you, and when you see the big boss attacking you, avoid it by moving down and ducking, using the same controls.

Now that you've understood what and how to do it, nothing should be holding you back from letting the fun begin right now, after which we invite you to check out even more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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