Battalion Commander 2

Battalion Commander 2

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Battalion Commander 2
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Battalion Commander 2 Overview


Battalion Commander 2 is yet another fascinating and really fun war and strategy game set in the world of the military, or army for short, with us knowing very well that the first game in this series had been really appreciated by our audiences, which makes us confident that the very same will now be true for your time with the sequel!

Be the Battalion Commander that leads your army to victory!

Go to the North to follow up on the disturbances happening out there, but make sure to bring weapons such as guns, grenades, or even tanks and rockets, so that you can face whatever awaits. Use the mouse to lead your squad where you want them to go, and click on a button to activate the skill that it represents.

Always upgrade the troops and their equipment, win the battles that you will have along the way to winning the war, and use the gold and XP you collect to reinvest back in your forces. The battles get more difficult as you keep playing, but also more fun, and we promise that! Let's start then, shall we?

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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