Cover Orange: Pirates

01.03.2023 685 8 votes

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What is Cover Orange: Pirates?

Cover Orange: Pirates

Cover Orange: Pirates is yet another amazing new entry in this logic and puzzle game you might already be acquainted with on our website, where right now you get to protect pirates that look like oranges from clouds raining upon them, which would whiter them away. Let's see how you do it!

Cover the Orange Pirates!

Use the mouse to place the treasure chests, which fit the theme, over the orange pirates in such a way that after the clouds come, their water does not hit the pirates, and if you can save the oranges for each wave, no matter how big and long it is, you clear the level.

The challenges get more difficult as you progress, so you have to always up your logical thinking and figure out the best solutions for how to protect the pirates from danger. We're sure that now you've got it, and you should be ready to give this game your best, which we also invite you to do with any other games of ours you will try out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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