Zombie Shooter Destroy Them All

07.03.2023 1.043 11 votes

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What is Zombie Shooter Destroy Them All?

Zombie Shooter Destroy Them All

Zombie Shooter Destroy Them All is here because we know without a doubt this to be one of the most popular formats we have here, where we will always try to bring you more games for it, as you can never go wrong with some new zombie shooting games 3D, as it is the case right now!

Destroy Them All in this new Zombie Shooter game!

Use WASD to move, space to jump, Q and E to slope, the mouse to aim and shoot, shift to run, X to change weapons, and G to throw grenades. Know that in each stage you have multiple waves of zombies you need to shoot down to survive, having to get rid of all of them swiftly.

If you let them eat you up too much, and your health bar depletes, you lose. Use the rewards you get to buy all sorts of new gear, weapons, and equipment to use against your enemies. It's as straightforward as that, so feel free to start the game right now, and maybe tell your friends about it too!



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How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, G, X, Q, E, and the mouse.