Resident Zombie - Horror Shooter

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What is Resident Zombie - Horror Shooter?

Resident Zombie - Horror Shooter

Resident Zombie - Horror Shooter is going to be one of the best new 3rd person shooting games online in 3D on our website, one of the main reasons for that is because it is a zombie shooting game, with quite the horror setting, as they usually are, and if we've had such an amazing game with the game ourselves, we are confident that the very same is now going to be true for you too!

Try our Resident Zombie Horror Shooter game right now, you won't regret it!

Move your avatar using the WASD keys, use shift to run, space to jump, Q to select weapons, and then to hit or shoot with them, simply use the mouse. You start off with a bat or your fists, but as you go through the infested city, you should grab a hold of guns, rifles, bombs, and other weapons that are more powerful.

That is because as you go deeper into the danger zone, you will find more zombies, some faster and more aggressive, and you need to have all the necessary equipment to beat them on hand. Make sure to scavenge for these items, and rescue survivors if they are in need of help, they might help you in return later on.

We wish you the best, as per usual, and hope you are not stopping here, since we always have more amazing games for all our visitors, as this was proof of it!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, Q, R, and the mouse.



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