Peet Around

Peet Around

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Peet Around
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Peet Around Overview


Peet Around is a new reaction time and skill game online that our dedicated team is very happy to share with you right now for free, as per usual, where all of us have had a ton of fun, just like we are sure you will too since the format is great, the presentation is too, and you won't regret trying it for anything in the world!

Peet Around just in time!

You will have a stickman character that runs on a circle, and at the same time as it is over the yellow portion of it, make sure to tap on the screen, and keep doing it no matter how small it gets, which makes it more difficult for you to tap at the right time, but that also increases your focus and makes it better.

Each time you click when the stickman is somewhere else, you are going to lose, and you will have to start all the way again from zero, but each new time you play we are sure you will do better than previously!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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