Xeno Tactic

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Xeno Tactic
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What is Xeno Tactic?

Xeno Tactic

Xeno Tactic has now been added for all you fans of old-school tower defense games, with this one featuring a sci-fi world where you have to use towers, and, of course, tactics, to protect yourselves from the alien waves that are attacking you to try and take over, and we're sure that you will prevail against them with the best strategies!

Enforce the best Xeno Tactic online and survive the waves of aliens!

There will be six missions that you have to finish in total, in an order of increasing difficulty, so as you go through them, you become a better strategist.

Use the mouse to take turrets and towers from the top right side of the screen, such as:

  • Vulcan Turret
  • Plasma Turret
  • Sam
  • DCR
  • Freeze
  • Sonic

Place them where you think their position is best, and then hit the start button to let the waves of aliens attack you, and if you placed them right, you will shoot them down, having to get rid of them before they cross to the other side of the map, in which case you lose, so place them in multiple locations.

The waves of enemies get stronger, so you should upgrade your towers as well, and place more of them along the way. Good luck, we wish you the very best, and hope you stick around for more fun to come all day long!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Nils Asejevs

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