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What is Chronotron?


Chronotron is a new platform-adventure game featuring robots, a game we are very happy to have the chance of sharing with everyone on our website right now since our team has already had a blast playing it from start to finish, so there is no doubt in our minds at all that the very same is now going to be true for you as well!

Play through the mind and time-bending levels of Chronotron online!

There is a time pod, in blue, which you have to press space when near in order to go back in time and solve the problems of each level with the older version of yourselves.

Move using the WASD keys or the ARROWS, it's your choice. Before reaching the time pod, make sure to collect the skip-circuit board, because, without it, you won't finish the levels.

Use the space bar to pick up and drop crates when you need to move them around. You can use them either as steps or to balance platforms.

Now that you've certainly got the gist of the game, be ready to start it right now, give it your absolute best, and we then hope to see you around for many more of our amazing games!

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How to play?

Use WASD or the ARROWS.