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Color Shape

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Color Shape
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Color Shape Overview


Color Shape is going to be one of the best new arcade-skill games online that we are sharing with you all today on our website, something that we can tell you from our own experience, and from the fact that similar games like this exist and are already popular, and this even better version should be tried out even more so!

Level up your timing and skills with Color Shape online!

Keep clicking or tapping on the screen to make the shape advance up, having to go through the colored circles only through their parts that have the same color as your shape, otherwise, you lose.

So, make sure to only tap forward when you go through the same color, and for each new rotating circle, there are going to be new colors that you get transformed into so that you are always kept on your toes.

Now that you've surely understood just how fun everything can be, start right now, and maybe tell your friends to come over too, as we're sure they would love this or many others of our amazing games!

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