Door Prank Run

Door Prank Run

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Door Prank Run
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Door Prank Run Overview


Going up to a door and ringing it only to flee afterward is one of the most popular pranks that kids all across the world know how to pull, and today we are offering you a new hypercasual runner game online in 3D which allows you to do that, but at bigger proportions, with higher stakes, and even more fun for you to have, something we confidently recommend you do right now!

Go on the most fun Door Prank Run online!

Simply use the mouse or finger to control the movements of your running stickman, and make sure to get next to the doors, marked by squares, so that you knock on them and then run, and try to also grab the cash piles along the way, using it and the cash you earn from finishing levels to buy new skins.

Make sure that along the way you avoid obstacles and traps, and don't get caught by the people whose homes you knocked on since they will start chasing you. Finally, knock on the door down on the admin floor to get bonuses. Depending on how well you do, you get from one to three stars per level, so always aim for 3/3.

We wish you the best, as usual, and really hope you aren't stopping here, since we've got more great games coming here today for you, and we hope you aren't missing out on any of them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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