Ninja Rush

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What is Ninja Rush?

Ninja Rush

Ninja Rush is going to settle itself as one of the best hypercasual runner games 3D on our website right now, without a doubt, since it is rare that you get to see such high production values in this genre, starting off from the fact that the game's protagonist is a ninja, not a regular stickman, with you being able to unlock all sorts of other cool ninja costumes down the road.

It's time to start the Ninja Rush online!

Use the mouse or the arrow keys for moving left and right, as well as jumping and sliding, and with the W and S keys you can shoot with ninja stars and perform attacks, which you need to do if enemies get added to the runs up further the game, as the courses only get more difficult as you go through them.

Make sure to reach the end of each course, marked by a finish line, while avoiding all sorts of obstacles along the way, falling into the water on the sides, or maybe even in the middle of the road. We are sure you will have a blast of a time through all the courses, so begin right now, see how far you can reach, and have an online ninja time like none other!

How to play?

Use the mouse and the W, S keys.

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