Police Chase Drifter

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What is Police Chase Drifter?

Police Chase Drifter

If you are being chased by the police in a car, you should be able to do some really good drifting, since that will help you get ahead of them and maybe not get caught and brought to jail, which is what we invite you to do right now with Police Chase Drifter, one of the best new car drifting games online from our website, which we highly recommend!

Be the quickest and smoothest Police Chase Drifter online!

In each level, you are thrown on the streets, which you will see from the top of the screen, and using the WASD keys or the ARROWS you need to drive around and drift while avoiding the police cars, and if you can also make them crash, even better.

Follow the directional arrows on the screen to grab the cash, using it later on to buy new vehicles, and when all the gold has been taken, you will have cleared the level.

Of course, be careful not to get hit too much by the police cars, or hit into the buildings or obstacles too much, because if you explode, you lose and have to start again from scratch.

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