Happy Snaps

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What is Happy Snaps?

Happy Snaps

Happy Snaps represents a brand new awesome addition to the Cartoonito Games category, where you have to take some pictures that represent just how happy these characters are, and we have a feeling that this will help with your real-life photography. Let's explain more, shall we?

Let's take Happy Snaps with the Cartoonito icons!

From the main menu, you get to choose what you want to take snaps of, with some options being:

  • animals
  • toys
  • food
  • musical instruments
  • weather phenomenons
  • and more!

After choosing one such category, the characters will jump up on the screen at random times, and when you see them being happy, make sure to click on the photo button to take a snap of them, so that it fits into the full image, and completes it, without clicking at the wrong time, when they are sad or anything like that.

Start off right now, and you are not going to regret it for anything in the world, after which we hope to see more of you, since the day is far from beginning over!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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