911: Cannibal

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What is 911: Cannibal?

911: Cannibal

911: Cannibal represents one of the best new horror escape games with point-and-click adventure elements, a 3D world, and fun yet scary puzzles for you to solve, which is the only way to get to freedom and out with your life, something we will tell you more about right now, after which we are sure you will be able to give this game your absolute best!

Survive the world of 911: Cannibal online right now!

The role you play is that of a kidnapped teenager who has been taken in by the crazy cannibal known as Maniac, and you are now stuck in his creepy house you are going to try and get out of. Use WASD to move, left click for interaction, number keys 1 through 5 to use items and C to crouch.

Go around the house to find the items, clues, and useful hints that will help you to get out, so watch out for keys, tools, and anything else that seems useful, while making sure not to get yourself caught by the evil man, since he will put you back in your cage, and even worse, he might eat you.

Good luck, survive, and stick around for more games in this genre as only here do you get to find!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, 1-5, the mouse, C.

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