Crazy Chicken Jump

Crazy Chicken Jump

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Crazy Chicken Jump
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Crazy Chicken Jump Overview


Crazy Chicken Jump is a brand-new platform jumping game online, as the title suggests so clearly, where you get to do some crazy jumps with a chicken, a bird that can jump, but cannot fly, which is enough this time, especially if you help it out, as we are sure you will do, and together you are going to have simply a blast, going to new heights, literarily!

Let's do the Crazy Chicken Jump online!

Simply use the mouse or finger to slide left and right, because the chicken jumps automatically, and do that in order to avoid obstacles and traps on the platforms, such as cacti, arrows that get shot towards you, claws, and others, and make sure not to hit the platforms with your head as well, since all these things happening means you go back to the bottom.

Make sure to grab the stars along the way, since you can collect a total of three, and if you want to have the highest performance, meaning 3/3 per level, you need to catch them. You only win if you reach the egg basket at the end of each level, with each new one being more difficult than the last.

We wish you tons of good luck in everything, and hope to see you stick around for more fun to come because every day we are in charge of it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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