Super Chicken Fly

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Super Chicken Fly
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What is Super Chicken Fly?

Super Chicken Fly

Super Chicken Fly represents one of the newest flying and shooting games online where you take something and try to send it in the air for a distance as big as possible, this time doing it with chickens, as the title suggests, which is a combo that works very well, since these are birds that have wings but can't really fly, unless you give them a bit of a boost, hehe!

How far can you fly the Super Chicken?

The chicken hangs by a rope, so you tap/click once to make him drop, and then you do it again to time your hit with the bat, which will send him flying in the air. When he is in the air, if you once again click or tap, you will make him bounce from the ground, which helps to go further, unless you hit obstacles that slow you down, with rocks being an example. Sheep help you bounce with their fur.

With the coins you earn after each flight you can upgrade the following stats:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Bounce
  • Launch

To get those coins you have to collect them during your flight, with the same being true for diamonds, which are even more valuable. Good luck we want to wish you all, and we won't hesitate to invite you to stick around with us all day long, since more amazing games are coming right up!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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