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Cubes Overview


Cubes is going to be one of the most exciting new multiplayer games on our website since they don't really have elements from 2048 games in them, which are merging puzzle games you usually play by yourselves, but this time, you get the chance to compete with people from all across the world, an experience we definitely recommend, knowing very well how much fun we've had with it ourselves!

Play Cubes online unblocked!

Use the mouse to move around the map with your block, which starts off with the number 2, and then grab another 2 to make a 4. Use this method to create a snake of blocks with numbers as big as possible, always merging them to grow them into their doubles and make yourself bigger and stronger.

The other players will do the same, so if you meet block snakes with numbers bigger than yours, avoid them, since they will defeat you, but you can take down smaller players yourself and eliminate them. There's a leaderboard, so the bigger players and the ones who defeat the most foes will climb toward the top.

We hope it is you, and we hope that you have a blast of a time, start to finish, after which we invite you to stick around for much more new and interesting content for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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