Raccoon Retail

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What is Raccoon Retail?

Raccoon Retail

Raccoon Retail is going to be one of the most fascinating shop simulator games 3d on our website, because in this game you play the role of a raccoon that is hired at a supermarket, one where other animals just like it go shopping for fruits, and these are not animals known for their cleanliness, so you start off with the job of cleaner, only to further then advance through the ranks, and, who knows, maybe become a manager one day!

Let's start the virtual Raccoon Retail experience right now!

Start off by taking control of the cleaning car that goes around sucking all of the fruit that fell on the floor, using the arrow keys to move around, space to drive faster, and the mouse for general interaction.

Other things you might be doing include stocking the shelves, ringing up the orders at the counter, adding new elements to the shop and making it bigger, and plenty of others!

Each new task is a bit more difficult than the last, but we promise you that more fun as well, so begin right now, only here, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, and the mouse.

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Pelican Party Studios

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