Pixcade Twins

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What is Pixcade Twins?

Pixcade Twins

Pixcade Twins is here to continue our strong series of new 2-player games online we keep on bringing you on our website free of charge, something we want to keep doing, since we know and see how much you love them, and once again you're invited to run and jump in tandem and work together to achieve your goals!

Start the adventures of the Pixcade Twins!

Use WAD to move and jump with one character, and use the ARROW keys for the other one, having to collect all the gold coins in each level by reaching the end of them, which is how you advance to the next one.

Of course, if any of the two pixelated characters die, you lose and have to start all over again from scratch in that level, and we hope you learn from your mistakes and do better for the next one, and so forth.

We wish you the very best, and great teamwork, which we hope to see from you, and we hope to see you play more of our games with two players, they're always amazing!

How to play?

Use WAD and the ARROWS.

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