Crazy Plane Shooter

Crazy Plane Shooter

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Crazy Plane Shooter
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Crazy Plane Shooter Overview


Crazy Plane Shooter is a really simple and fun arcade-shooter game online with planes, which is set in an alien world where you become the plane itself, which needs to shoot down the aliens on that planet, because they are all intent on taking it down, which is what you are invited to avoid!

Become a Crazy Plane Shooter online!

Use the W and S keys to move up and down with your plane, press the spacebar to shoot, and make sure to avoid hitting directly into the enemies, because if that happens, you lose a life, and losing all your lives means losing the game.

Make sure that you do instead get a hold of boxes and various power-ups, weapons, and special skills along the way since they will help you overtake your enemies faster and give you defenses as well.

There are three levels, with a total of nine bosses to defeat, and a final one. Good luck, great focus, and determination we hope for you all, as we well as to see you play more of our daily games since we've brought along quite many of them for you!

How to play?

Use the W, S, spacebar.

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