Money Shooter

Money Shooter

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Money Shooter
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Money Shooter Overview


Money Shooter is here to once again show us why hypercasual running and shooting games online in 3D are among the most popular content we have had on our website in recent times, and this game takes things to a different place, since you will be shooting money instead of bullets, in an experience unlike any before it, which is what we will now get into explaining to you!

Become the most skilled Money Shooter online!

Control the money with the mouse or touch controls, moving left and right and shooting at the other sums of money on the course, having to make the sums that are in red, which are with minuses before them, get positive and then collect them, but also grab the green ones, so that you have from where to shoot.

Shoot money at money, collect it, and try to see how much cash you can have by the end of each course, there are more obstacles and traps along the way, so make sure not to reach the end of the levels with zero, because in that case, you are going to lose.

Good luck in all of this and more, and we hope you are not stopping here for a second, since the day has more in store, only for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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