Money Rush 3D

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What is Money Rush 3D?

Money Rush 3D

Money Rush 3D is here to once again show you just how awesome hypercasual runner games in 3D usually are, as we make sure to bring new versions of the genre as often as we can, and those where you have to collect money seem to be some of the most popular ones, so we could not have missed this one, that's for sure!

It's time to go on a Money Rush 3D!

With the mouse on PCs and the finger on mobile devices you are going to drag the girl's body left and right on the course, having to grab as many piles of cash as possible, and then shoot them at the clothes in front of you, which are not to be collected, because they are actually obstacles.

If you bump into them, you are going to lose and have to start again from scratch. But, if you get past all of them, and reach the end of the courses with lots of money, you are going to earn even more money as bonuses, and you can use them to acquire power-ups and new skins for your avatar.

It's as simple as that, so let's begin right now, and keep browsing our website for more amazing games, we always have tons of new and fresh surprises for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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