Money Man 3D

Money Man 3D

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Money Man 3D
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Money Man 3D Overview


Money Man 3D is our latest hypercasual running game in 3D, and another one with money at its core, which have always been really well-received by our audiences, which is why we never stop bringing more of them, as you can clearly see, and if you want to use your skills to make some virtual cash, this game is definitely meant for you!

Become a Money Man 3D online!

Move the man made out of money using the mouse or touch controls, so that you collect the cash along the courses, which are in green while avoiding the saws, the roadblocks, the swords, and any other kinds of traps and obstacles you see, which are in red.

If you bump into them, you get cut down, and you will move slower, and if you completely run out of legs of money to run on, you stop then and there. But, if you do careful avoiding of the obstacles, and reach the end of the courses, you will end up reaching the end of the courses, where, guess what? More money awaits!

Each new course is more difficult than the last, but more fun to explore as well, so we recommend that you never give up, just like with making money in real life.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • RED IS BAD: avoid any red things you can see, whether by sliding, swiping, or jumping, so you don't lose the GREEN, which is money, and make your man unable to walk anymore.
  • Use any kind of EXTRA CASH you earn between levels to make upgrades to your skin, and catch upgrades along the courses like the SHIELD, which gives you protection over any trap!

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