Noob Shooter Zombie

Noob Shooter Zombie

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Noob Shooter Zombie
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Noob Shooter Zombie Overview


Noob Shooter Zombie is going to be one of the top zombie shooting games online in 3D that has had the Noob as a protagonist so far, a game we highly recommend to each and every one of our visitors, knowing very well just how much of an amazing time it can be from our own time with it, which is how we can now easily explain it to everyone!

Become the Noob Shooter who will deal with the zombie invasion!

Use WASD to move in any direction you want as you keep on running, and use the mouse to aim and shoot the guns at the zombies in front of you, no matter their look, because if they hit into you and attack you too much, you lose. Press F to use the grenades or the swords, which can also be really useful weapons.

In each run you go, try killing more zombies than before, so that you unlock new courses to play on, as well as buy all sorts of awesome new weapons to use. It's really all that simple, so now that you know, nothing can hold you back from giving the game your best, and we hope you invite your friends to play our awesome game as well!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, F key.

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