Sneak In 3D

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What is Sneak In 3D?

Sneak In 3D

Sneak In 3D is a new hypercasual running and fighting game online in 3D that our team is very happy to share with you on our website since this stealth game format has been around for a while, and when amazing additions such as this one appear, we always make sure to share them with you as quickly as possible!

Let's Sneak In 3D online to get the cash from the bank vault!

With your hitman-like stickman character, you use the mouse or touch controls to move through the courses, where, if you attack people from behind, you need to press space, and if you face them up-front, click on the attack button fast so that you can attack before they hit you.

Now, if you get caught, and you cannot sneak up, you lose, but if you reach the vault, you get all the money. Each new level features more foes and dangers on the way to the finish line, so make sure to step up your game, be more careful, and be more ferocious when you are fighting!

Don't stop here, but start the game, and then see all of the other amazing games we have been bringing you along all day long!

How to play?

Use the mouse, and spacebar.

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